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List of available maps

Theme Subtheme Title Abstract
Environment Water Flood hazard Potential flood areas location (magnitude and frequency low, medium or high) due to overflowing rivers, runoff, sewage discharge or temporary rise of the water table, even in places where no flooding has been identified so far.
Layers Administrative Units UrbIS Online UrbIS Online offers users the possibility of viewing the UrbIS base map, the 2009, 2012 and 2012 IR (infrared) orthophoto plans, the communes, points of interest and topographical elements in the Brussels region interactively. The UrbIS Online functionalities can be used to locate an address and display it on the UrbIS map as well as to plan and view routes for journeys on foot, by bicycle or by car.
Layers Administrative Units Regional portal – street map The street map on the Brussels-Capital Region portal indicates points of interest in a wide range of categories: Institutions, Public spaces, Sports and leisure, Mobility, Public services, Education, Culture, Health. An address search and route planning service is also available.
Mobility Traffic Brussels Mobility Portal The intermodal map of Brussels Mobility allows you to visualize information concerning different means of transport. Some information is shown in real time, like the bike availability in the Villo-stations, the number of parking spaces available and traffic information.
Society Population Monitoring District The District Monitoring is an interactive tool to monitor the Brussels districts. It offers a great number of statistic indicators with regard to demography, the labour market, the incomes, housing, the buildings, mobility, the environment, healthcare, …
Society Population R&I portal - map The Research and Innovation map indicates all R&I activities in Brussels on the UrbIS base map or orthophoto plan: Civil defence, Health, Eco-construction, Awareness, ICT, Other. The R&I map can also be used to search for addresses.
Society Quality of Life Brussels, a Sustainable city This map shows a selection of places that embody the vitality of Brussels as a sustainable city.
Urban planning Heritage BruCiel The BruCiel application allows to simultaneously view two aerial photographs from different times, between 1930/35, 1953, 1971, 2004 and 2012. It is also possible to add various thematic map layers (land use, type of housing, economy, mobility, cultural heritage, etc.).
Urban planning Land Use BruGIS The cartographic platform BruGIS enables you to locate your address, to see your house on the aerial photo of Brussels, to find out the use of the buildings surrounding yours and to situate the local land use plans, subdivisions, areas of archaeological potential, the perimeters in which you are granted certain subsidies, the classified sites, …
Urban planning Land Use Planning Permission Map that shows the urban development and subdivision permits managed since July 2009 by the Brussels Capital Region and the municipalities (currently connected to the platform).